Wednesday, March 21, 2007 a being born to believe. - Benjamin Disraeli

I flipped the Quotationary open at random and got two pages of quotes about Man. I picked this one because I don't think you can disagree with it. In university, when I was re-discovering my faith, my boyfriend at the time told someone, "Everyone believes in something. I don't care if it's crystals or aromas or what, you've got to believe in something." That's what I agree with in this quote.

I happen to believe in God, and to belong to a particular Christian church. That's what I believe it, that's where I find comfort and healing and guidance. I think people need to believe in something outside of themselves, something bigger than themselves - not necessarily God, or even a god or goddess, but something. I just can't imagine where one finds inspiration or hope without believing that someone or something outside of yourself is there to help provide it. I don't mean to suggest that I rely entirely on external things, but when life happens, as it will, it's just nice to think there's someone watching over me, helping me shoulder the load. And when terrible things happen, it's the thought that there is a God that helps me believe things will get better.

Some people look at something like the genocide in Rwanda and ask, "How could God let that happen?" I look at it and think it's because there is a God that it doesn't happen more often.

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Tom Neyhart said...

Hi, Tom again from you other blog. I like your comment at the end "because there is a God it doesn't happen more". You are so correct, what people don't understand is that God also gave us free will, freedom to choose to do right or wrong and sometimes people do wrong and it is really, really horrible.